Gretchen’s fundraising

I don’t blog enough.  Sometimes the words just won’t come…  Sometimes my brain moves too fast.  Too fast for me to catch the streaming thoughts. There have been lots of thoughts, lots of changes.  I was laid off this week.  But through this I am learning so much.  I know I will be okay.  I am currently enjoying time with my son.  He really seems to enjoy helping me with my business.  And right now I am working very hard to grow my business.

But I am also working very hard to help Gretchen.  Hopefully you will take this opportunity to check out my business and if you place an order place it under Gretchen’s fundraiser.   Gretchen has Aspergers but that doesn’t define her.  She is so sweet and such a strong advocate.  She published her own book Really, Really, Like Me – a children’s book that teaches acceptance.  She works very hard to get this book out to people.  She has been asked to come read this book to autistic children in Manila, where she is originally from.  She is in need of assistance funding this very important journey.

Please consider donating money to her cause.  I am currently doing a fundraiser for her through my business just click here and shop.  Or contact Gretchen to donate money directly.   She is also working on publishing another book.  She is such a great person.  She just wants to make a difference.


  1. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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