I was fired. Really – he told me I wasn’t qualified. He requested a private tutor so I found one. Sheldon then informed me he needed to start High School over. He was to be a Senior this year but was pulled out of the brick and mortar school in 9th grade. He didn’t believe we covered enough.

So I arranged for the private tutor to give him a practice GED. I could have given it to him but again I am not qualified. Sigh. So he took all the sections to get a baseline and he passed all the sections. Um, yeah. He then informed me how it was too easy. Of course it was. So now we are arranging for a tutor in higher math. He really wants to work on trig and calculus. Sure okay 🙂 And he wants to work more on science and history but not language arts. Fine by me the papers say he has the minimum required knowledge. Plus he works on reading and grammar all the time by reading and writing. It’s about creepers or whatever but he is reading & writing.

Anyways I am super proud of him!

And he has gone back to music lessons. This makes me so incredibly happy. He asked to go back and his private instructor says he is doing amazing.

It has been a wonderful few months. Funny the changes occurred when I was laid off. It has been wonderful being home with him. I want more than anything to stay home with him! But more about that later. I hope to get back to blogging more again. Such life changing events that I need to share.


  1. Great job of recognizing your sons needs, i pray you keep up the good work

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