Finally Found Me

Finally Found Me

You know that feeling- where you don’t belong.  “This isn’t right”  I have written about it a ton here.  I have always had issues at work.  No matter what I did.  Just not right.  So I was laid off in April.  I can’t get into details about that here but what I can say is that


I started this journey over a year ago.  I saw this catalog with organizing stuff on the cover.  The perfect home office.  I wanted it.  I love office supplies and organizing containers.  I opened the catalog and it was full of organizing things, and totes and bags= I LOVE!!  So I figured why not.  I bought the business starter kit- it was only $99 and lord knows I spend $99 on dumber things.  It came with over $300 worth of bags and stuff so if I decided not for me I got to keep the cute stuff.  (Really my mom did just that a few months later- HA)

I invited people over.  I thought I would try….  I enjoyed it.  I talked about what I liked about the cute bags and I sold cute bags!!  I was scared at first but I went ahead and scheduled a shopping event (“a party”) at someones house. It went well.  I realized that I had a purpose for talking to people so I wasn’t scared.  Through going to events and trainings I was encouraged.  I have started to feel good about myself.  Finally, really good about myself. 

I started to reach out and connect to people.  I am still working on it but I really can’t believe what I have accomplished in this short period of time. I thought about doing this full time.  But I was scared.  And then I was laid off.  And now I am home with my son.  It has helped him come out of his shell.  He is now “my assistant” and we work together on my business.  This has been life changing.  I had no idea what this would do for him.  For us.

So now I must stay home.  I would really appreciate it if you need to buy gifts please think of my site for your shopping.  They are truly great products or I would not sell them.  I hear from so many people how much they love the bags- the large utility totes or the wristlets making their lives easier.  I appreciate any referrals as this helps my son and I keep our business going!!  So if you are not interested please share with a friend.  And if you are looking for a change with low risk…  I would love to talk to you about starting your business or your hobby.  You can contact me or you can just join this facebook event for information 


Sheldon and Flubber helping me. Sheldon says the new catalog is awesome 🙂

It truly is a great experience and I love helping people grow their business.  Changing one life at a time! It is so wonderful 🙂


  1. That is awesome that you found something like this and that it is helping both you and your son. I have tried a few home businesses like this, such as Discovery Toys and Barefoot books. But I don’t really have friends and I’m not good at selling stuff, so I have nobody to invite and nobody to buy stuff! I wish I could make it work for me!

    • Thanks. Yeah I keep working to push myself a little outside my comfort zone. But I keep stretching & it has worked. I don’t think I can sell anything either! I just show the item & talk about what I like. So hopefully you find something you are passionate about & then it sells itself 🙂

  2. I’m glad to see that this has been working for you. Happy that you and your boy are doing well but also happy because it gives me hope for me. I dream of working from home and maybe even being my own boss and still being able to live comfortably.

  3. fred Parent of a 17 yr old Aspie says:

    I hope this goes well for you. Give it time to build.
    You do not have to be pushy to sell things you like to people who like the same stuff – good luck
    Thankyou for you insightful work on your site Fred

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