Life is too short

Life is too short

Everyone says that but after my previous health issues I just can’t…

I can’t be manipulated
I can’t deal with backstabbers
I can’t go spend time with people who make me feel miserable (and yes I understand no one can make me feel anything but if you are here reading this I hope you understand what I mean ;-))
I can’t feel inadequate
I can’t be treated poorly

I had to resign from my job. I couldn’t be there anymore. I am now doing my business full time. And I want to spend my time helping people.

One of my minor projects with my business is getting these oh snap bins sponsored. I have a nurse friend that works in a group home & she said no one helps.

I would like to say I would never put my son in a group home but I also know that not everyone has the same experiences as me. I know it isn’t my place to judge. So I would like to spend my time helping where I can.

Please contact me at to sponsor a bin. Or check out my website to check out my business. I love helping people pick out items to help keep them organized & they are super cute! If you aren’t interested please keep me in mind to refer to people for gifts or personal needs. It is a party plan company so that means hostesses (collect orders from friends) get stuff for FREE!

I really love what I do and I love how the company and other women in the company welcome me and make me feel appreciated. That is so rare. It is such a blessing and I would love to share more info with anyone interested in learning more 🙂


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