GED was boring

Okay here is a quick(ish) summary of my son’s schooling.  So we had done some online schooling, home schooling and what is called unschooling.  I had hesitated to write about it before because I feared judgement.  I was basically letting him work on what he wanted to work on.  I knew he was seeking out information because any time any topic came up he knew all kinds of everything about it.  Especially current events and politics.  And he still had a very big interest in science and history.  The one area we struggled in was math- I just wasn’t capable of working with him and he would not do Kahn academy.   He told me a few times he wanted to have a private tutor.  Oh okay let me pull some money out of my ass…  :-/

So one day a year or so ago he told me he wanted to start over for High School.  He really felt like he didn’t get any schooling and we hadn’t done anything.  Sigh.  So I found a tutor for a reasonable price and they started by going over a practice GED.  He passed it with no issues.  Which is what I told him would happen!!  When I said this to him he said “the GED is too easy.  it was boring.”  Um, yeah you love to learn and have taught yourself so much more than what an average high schooler learns.  Well that tutor didn’t really have a math background and then decided he couldn’t work with Brandon.  GRUMBLE GRUMBLE.  And oh yeah no extra money for that.

So then I get money for that.  And he has made such HUGE progress by working with me and being my “assistant” for my business.  He is able to talk to people.  So I decided to find him a tutor.  He has been going for about a month now and LOVES it!! It is absolutely perfect because she works with him at his pace.  He hates (meltdown frustration) word problems.  So no word problems!  She realized he hates when she goes over things in lecture format so adjusted her teaching.  And he LOVES it.  I am so super excited!  And it is in the late afternoon so he can go without too many issues.  Although the other day we did have some adventures on the way.  But more about that on another day.  I promise!!!

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