He had another good day at school!   He was a little hard to get up but he left the house on time.  I think he is still avoiding the cafeteria but that is okay.  I am proud of him for realizing it was too much for him.  Usually at school he tries so hard […]

He may not be perfect but he is awesome

My house is really a chaotic trip sometimes.  First we went out to dinner last night after the doctors appointment.  My husband tried to figure out the tip but he was of course way off.  I told him the calculation for 20% which was $10.  He said no he wanted to pay 15% which was […]

Europe with an Aspie

A few years ago my mother decided to take us to Europe.  I don’t remember traveling before my son.  Did I always plan every minute?  Did I always research restaurants so much?  Maybe I have always been this way and it just works really well with him so he was meant to be mine. My husband […]

Can Someone Define “Normal” (or neurotypical)?

We have just returned from a weekend adventure at Kalahari Waterpark in Sandusky.  We LOVE it there and we go at least twice a year which is good because then our son is nice and familiar with it.  My husband (ADD, but we sometimes wonder about Asperger’s), my son (Asperger’s) and his “neurotypical” friend & I all […]

3AM Conversation with an Aspie

I guess all parents get woken up by their young children but I thought it was supposed to end.  Maybe it doesn’t ever end because he has Asperger’s?  I know he has trouble sleeping but he is on meds for that so really sleeping shouldn’t be an issue.  But it is.  Last night at 3 AM I was […]

Sometimes it works out!

Tonight was the family event with the Aspie support group.  My son’s friend was unable to go and so my son had mixed feelings about going.  Of course we were the first ones there because he kept bugging me to go in between asking me why we were going.  The first kids to arrive were […]

An Aspie Moment

My son has a very passionate interest in video games.  Some may say this is a bad interest but there are some good things about it.  One of the good things is that it is considered appropriate by his peers so it has been one way that he has been able to make and maintain […]