Final commenting period now open for #DSM-5

The final comment period is now open. I truly hope that you will comment (instructions below) to help keep the diagnostic criteria. I was originally okay with it all being called autism. I have no problems with my son being diagnosed autistic. What I have an issue with is how so many children would possibly […]

APA responds regarding DSM5

Dear concerned respondent to the DSM-5 Autism proposal:  Thank you for contacting the American Psychiatric Association with your thoughts about the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) proposed for DSM-5.  We at APA have been and will continue to be advocates for a full range of services for people with autism and all other neurodevelopmental […]

Please Read, Sign, Distribute: Official GRASP Petition #DSM5

Hot off the Presses from GRASP- Please read & sign their petition!! All, We have our petition online just now. Please forward to anyone and everyone concerned who is at risk of losing special education, services, or self-esteem. Click here to sign. Note: Medscape today released an article in which DSM-5 Committee member, Dr. Brian […]


Another update from GRASP, notice they plan to start a petition. All, The letters are tremendous, and the calls are having an impact. Please keep it up…letters and phone calls. And if this will really effect you; if your child is at risk of losing their education funding, if you or a loved one are […]

#Aspieforever (My Son & Me) #OccupyAspergers

#Aspieforever (My Son & Me) #OccupyAspergers

This post has been rattling around in my head for a long time. I have been gathering information and processing, analyzing, re-processing, thinking of how to say what I mean. I think I have it then I hesitate and start all over again. Does this sound familiar to you? When I was young I was […]

PLEASE READ!! DSM-V Committee Protest- updated 1-20-12 & 1-22-12

UPDATE 1/25/2012  GRASP PETITION – Please sign! Original post: Email just received from Grasp. The changes in the DSM-V could very well mean my son would not qualify. It makes no sense. Take away the diagnosis because they are not prepared to accommodate everyone? A rose is still a rose. My son will still need […]