I was fired. Really – he told me I wasn’t qualified. He requested a private tutor so I found one. Sheldon then informed me he needed to start High School over. He was to be a Senior this year but was pulled out of the brick and mortar school in 9th grade. He didn’t believe […]

A glimpse

Earlier this week @thatgirl815 was struggling with issues at the school district. She just needed to vent and discuss with someone that understood. She talked about how as parents we often just need to talk to someone who understands. Someone that will tell us everything will be okay. I went to a college campus today […]

Well Played IEP maneuver

I am sitting in a Continuing Legal Education seminar and ran into someone I didn’t expect to. Which led me to the stream of thought about how this CLE does not attract anyone outside of legal profession because are the required hours for lawyers. Most of the CLEs I attend are related to Special Education […]

Engaged learning is key

First of all- I hope all are well in the path of #Sandy.  I had heard bits and pieces about it at work but I received an entire download of information from Sheldon when I came home.  Between his friends on the East Coast and YouTube he was well versed and was very interested in […]

Twice Exceptional = Twice Screwed

I really like the name Twice Exceptional.  Probably because it doesn’t have any bad connotations to it yet.  Special or special needs shouldn’t have a bad connotation either but lets face it, those titles unfortunately do. I was recently in a store and the cashier was having trouble and commented “don’t mind me, I’m special!” […]

Fun with Science at 3AM!

Fun with Science at 3AM!

So the great thing about doing online school is that it can be done at any time, day, evenings, weekends, or 3 AM! He has been having a really bad week with sleeping again which has made school work difficult this week. I have been trying to work with him and understand when he is […]

Emotional Withdrawal

I hate saying goodbye.  It is clearly a social skill that I have never really mastered.  There will probably be many blog posts about our “new adventure” over the next who knows how long but I first need to discuss a very difficult part for me. I apologize for any redundancy I am still working […]

Welcome 2012 and Homeschooling ?!?!

Welcome 2012 and Homeschooling ?!?!

I never thought I would write that as a title.  I guess we will be doing an online academy but will be at home.  Not sure correct term but guess I will be learning ASAP! I have written a lot about school refusal ever since that fateful day of the pep rally. He has never […]

Supporting my Son and Standing Together to Stop Bullying

My son has had a rough week.  I had posted earlier in the week that he was not able to go to school Monday and Wednesday because he was upset over Thanksgiving.  He went to school Wednesday and he was in a great mood that evening so I thought all was well.  Thursday I had […]

Occupy Education part 2

Occupy Education part 2

  Occupy education is a movement to change education as it is today.  Today there are tests that all kids need to pass in order to graduate.   The school makes a very big deal about these tests.  The first year my son had to take these tests he was having anxiety attacks every night […]