Happy New Years and Thank You!

Happy New Years and Thank You!

The year will be ending soon and we will celebrate as we have the last few years. We will stay home and eat yummy fried foods while watching TV and/or movies. Sometimes we stay up until the countdown and sometimes we don’t. It is just a nice relaxing evening. But the one thing we must […]

Co-workers really awesome for Special Needs Mom!

On the bright side, my co-workers are awesome.  He woke up this morning and was agitated about going to school.  I gave him time, I tried to bribe him, I threatened, but no matter what I did he refused to go. He asked me if he could go to work with me.  I asked why […]

He went to a Party!

Last night I was struggling to get my son to do his writing assignment for band.  Yes you read that correctly, a writing assignment in band.  And to make matters worse the assignment was to create questions about culture and music and then interview at least one adult and one student.  Then write about your […]

Teenagers Working it Out

I try hard not to get my son aggravated but I can’t just let him do whatever he wants to do either.  It is really tough sometimes when I want him to do something and he isn’t willing to do it right then.  Usually he is pretty good and does what he needs to do […]

Meet my son’s best friend- Flub-Flub

Meet my son’s best friend- Flub-Flub

When we ask my son who his best friend is he used to ask “human?”  Because really his best friend is his cat, who he calls “Flub-Flub”.  I know not everyone likes cats or even pets but it could really be beneficial for your child.  But please consider your child first though.  It may not […]

Forgiveness for our kids

Our kids make mistakes sometimes.  Even if they don’t have Asperger’s or another disability they make mistakes.  But especially our kids make mistakes when they are trying so hard to learn to regulate emotions.  My son went to a christian elementary school which wasn’t the best idea but I didn’t know of his diagnoses and […]

Can Someone Define “Normal” (or neurotypical)?

We have just returned from a weekend adventure at Kalahari Waterpark in Sandusky.  We LOVE it there and we go at least twice a year which is good because then our son is nice and familiar with it.  My husband (ADD, but we sometimes wonder about Asperger’s), my son (Asperger’s) and his “neurotypical” friend & I all […]

Sometimes it works out!

Tonight was the family event with the Aspie support group.  My son’s friend was unable to go and so my son had mixed feelings about going.  Of course we were the first ones there because he kept bugging me to go in between asking me why we were going.  The first kids to arrive were […]

How do friends mix in?

Next week we are going to a family event with the asperger support group.  I was reviewing the schedule with my son and he asked if he could take his friend.  sigh.  I know I should be thrilled that he wants to take his friend.  It isn’t often that he wants to do things with […]