More Brownies!

My mind has been racing for weeks now.  So much between my son’s school and the vigil, and stresses at work, stress at home, and dear lord stress with other parents. Race, race, race, read email, zig race that way, read something else, zag over that way, race, race, race, race. The other night I […]

“I am on a Schedule!”

“I am on a Schedule!”

I have other more serious posts rolling around in my head but today I wanted to update everyone on school. I really hope that I do not jinx it! He started online school on January 23rd and overall we have been really happy with that decision. I do not miss getting calls from the school […]

Sleep is Boring

Sleep is Boring

It is never boring in my house.  Well I guess that isn’t true because sometimes Sheldon is playing video games or sleeping and for once I don’t need to do anything and the house will be still.  I love those moments, if my husband is home he says “I am bored”.  I want to choke […]

Sleep Schedule- not so much

He has not had school this week because it was exam week at the new school so it made sense for him to start the new semester next week.  Which by the way I received his report card and he received an A in Science and Social Skills, a C in language Arts and Bs […]

Last 48 hours- I can’t make this stuff up

I guess  when I last left off he had issues at school on Tuesday.  Wednesday he did really well.  I called and spoke to the therapist assigned to the room and we had a very good conversation.  I have only interacted with her once before (the day of the pep rally) but she seems to […]

Medications for Asperger’s, ADHD, Insomnia and Depression/Anxiety

First of all I cannot stress enough that the meds that he takes may not be the right meds for your child and you should always discuss meds, including over the counter vitamins and supplements with a physician. Additionally I personally believe that every person reacts differently to these meds. But since I find myself […]

Insomnia = Day Off

Last night he had trouble going to sleep.  This is not a new thing for us.  He used to take Melatonin and then finally I found a physician to write a prescription for Trazadone.  We have increased the dose twice but we may need to try something stronger.  Not all of his physicians agree with […]