(No) Medications Update

This post is long overdue.  In fact I had planned on writing it before all hell broke loose.  But I just hadn’t gotten to it and really now I can provide even more information so I guess it all works out. In the past I had written about his medications and how we decided what […]

Family Fail

General update:  Sheldon has been off schedule even more than usual lately.  I had started recording when he was sleeping and when he was taking his medications and I realized I was able to get him to take them very often.  We hadn’t had any big incidents and really we have notice the good to […]

Medication Update

Medication Update

I recently posted details about my son’s medication regimen here.  I wanted to update you on his supplements and also to tell everyone about a recent minor incident we had with medications. Update Since my son was still getting over his cold he took the Vitamin C for a few days.  The next one I wanted […]

Medications for Special Needs Mom

If you have read my blog before then you know that on Friday I went to the emergency room with vision changes related to a migraine.  It was very scary and I don’t want any more migraines.   However I knew I was not having enough migraines to warrant taking a medication for migraines.  For […]

Medications for Asperger’s, ADHD, Insomnia and Depression/Anxiety

First of all I cannot stress enough that the meds that he takes may not be the right meds for your child and you should always discuss meds, including over the counter vitamins and supplements with a physician. Additionally I personally believe that every person reacts differently to these meds. But since I find myself […]