Don’t React

Those words “Don’t react” go through my mind as my son is having a bad moment and saying words he may or may not mean.  The words are triggering for me but I can’t react.  If I react he will just become more upset and then we will spiral out of control together.  “Don’t react” […]

Family Fail

General update:  Sheldon has been off schedule even more than usual lately.  I had started recording when he was sleeping and when he was taking his medications and I realized I was able to get him to take them very often.  We hadn’t had any big incidents and really we have notice the good to […]

Parenting is Hard!

Last night was one of those nights. He has been off schedule and off his meds for about a week because the plan failed.  My medical issues got worse (post for another day) and the two of them just well I don’t know.  I do know it could have been worse.  There was just a […]

Will work for Brownies

The other night I woke up at 4:30 AM and just sensed that he was still awake. Oh yes he was still awake. When I went in to talk to him he refused to take his pills and was upset in general. Earlier that night he had become upset during a Geometry quiz. He had […]

My Meltdown

We are both still adjusting to Online school I suppose even though it has been a few weeks.  It felt like it was taking a lot of organization and executive functioning skills to figure out what needed to be done when.  I kept having a nagging feeling that I was over complicating things.  I think […]

Sheldon starts Online School

Sheldon starts Online School

Since I blog anonymously I have always referred to my son as just “my son”. Some bloggers create ingenious alias names for their kids but I never have but I really think it is time. Online school started on Monday and I have so much to tell you but we are still getting into the […]

Meltdowns Suck (but they do get better over time!)

Meltdowns Suck (but they do get better over time!)

Meltdowns really suck. I have been told that shutdowns are a form of meltdowns but I would rather deal with a shutdown any day of the week. Although when he shuts down I know that he is on the edge of a meltdown and I view the shutdown as him shutting himself, preventing the meltdown. […]

“Emotional Issues”

I am so sick from reading this story today about a 10 year old killing a 12 year old.  Any time that a child dies it is upsetting of course but this one really upset me to the point that I may take everyone’s advice now and take a break from reading the news. It […]

The Perfect Sensory Storm

The Perfect Sensory Storm

Friday was the last day of the grading period so I am not sure if any work was going to get done.  I had spoken to another parent Thursday night and she had told me Friday was spirit day and she was at the store buying her high schooler stuff for the day. I was […]

Steps in the Right Direction in Aspie Life

I received a call from the case manager this weekend to discuss the events on Friday.  The only thing better then a call from the school is a call from the school on a weekend.  On the bright side I am glad the case manager cares enough to call on a weekend. I was glad […]