“I am on a Schedule!”

“I am on a Schedule!”

I have other more serious posts rolling around in my head but today I wanted to update everyone on school. I really hope that I do not jinx it! He started online school on January 23rd and overall we have been really happy with that decision. I do not miss getting calls from the school […]

Sleep Schedule- not so much

He has not had school this week because it was exam week at the new school so it made sense for him to start the new semester next week.  Which by the way I received his report card and he received an A in Science and Social Skills, a C in language Arts and Bs […]

Why Twitter?  Why?

Why Twitter? Why?

I absolutely love Twitter. I am clearly an addict because when it stops working I panic. Like right now! I was on facebook first and honestly I had only started that at the end of 2010. When I started my blog I figured out how to do a fan page and that was awesome. I […]

My Love/Hate Relationship with Change

My husband is like my son and hates any kind of change.  A few years ago we moved from one side of town to the other, nicer, side of town.  My husband argued every step of the way.  But I forced the move because where we lived was not a nice area and it was […]

Christmas Traditions #SpecialSaturday

Christmas Traditions #SpecialSaturday

We love Christmas in our house and now that we are in November it is time to start celebrating! We have many activities coming up and since my husband was off work today we have officially started! Phase One We talked all week about our plans for today and my son was really excited. Unfortunately […]

Rollercoaster Today in Aspie Life

Some days are harder than others.  I will apologize now for any grammar or spelling errors but when you read further about my day hopefully you will forgive me.  The day starts with him walking down the stairs in his “toga” at around 7:05 AM.  This is not part of his morning routine which I […]

Morning Wake up in Aspie Land

This morning was the best morning all year.    He has to walk out the door at 7:30 AM to get to school on time.  I have always just let him go in late occasionally instead of irritating him.  I know he needs to learn responsibility but I still go late to everything at the […]

The quest for PopTarts

The quest for PopTarts

My son is an extremely picky eater and gets fixated on different foods.  Not sure how much of this is sensory and how much of it is related to rigid thinking or routines.  Doesn’t matter, I just know I have to jump through hoops sometimes in order for him to eat something.  Currently he is […]