Teenagers Working it Out

I try hard not to get my son aggravated but I can’t just let him do whatever he wants to do either.  It is really tough sometimes when I want him to do something and he isn’t willing to do it right then.  Usually he is pretty good and does what he needs to do […]

The War on Homework

Life would be so much better if he never had homework.  He got in the car yesterday and told me he had homework in Geometry, Science and Language Arts.  He has homework in Geometry every day and usually he gets most of it done in class so I figure that one is no big deal. […]

Forgiveness for our kids

Our kids make mistakes sometimes.  Even if they don’t have Asperger’s or another disability they make mistakes.  But especially our kids make mistakes when they are trying so hard to learn to regulate emotions.  My son went to a christian elementary school which wasn’t the best idea but I didn’t know of his diagnoses and […]

Interesting Morning

Today was the Cleveland Walk Now For Autism Speaks and there was a great turn out.  Thank you to anyone who volunteered, participated, or donated.   I had volunteered to help at the walk and set up started at 4 AM this morning!  I had gone to bed last night around 10 PM and had […]