Not autistic enough

People have asked why I don’t blog as much anymore.  I got tired of fighting.  I got cussed out once- yeah once by a parent who told me I had no right to say anything because I wasn’t autistic enough.  My kid wasn’t autistic enough. That shit hurts.  Not that I even know what autistic […]



Sorry for the long pause…. It has been a crazy year!! But so many good things have come out of it!! So he turns 18 in about 6 months (he of course corrects me & tells me the exact timeframe- LOL) but anyways it was time to take care of some things. We had to […]

Love Hate Puzzle pieces and blue

I hate Autism speaks and everything they stand for.  I get it why the puzzle piece is offensive.  I really do.  The whole blue thing irritates me- I am dreading april.  Your blue lights do nothing for my child.  And cram your cure, scare-tactics agenda up your ass!! But yesterday I was at an event.  […]


I am so aggravated at the moment.  I just can’t stand being in situations where I have no control.  I see wrong things occurring and I can’t do anything about it.  When I do what I think is right it just backfires.  I just can’t win.  I can’t say much more.  In situations like this, […]

Saga of the Desk II

If you are a parent, especially an autism parent you cringe when you hear “I think we need to replace this”. Well honestly my son didn’t use to say those words. We have come far. Sometimes I just heard something go flying or the outburst. But this time he said those words. I have had […]

Impossible not to Fight

Impossible not to Fight

When my health issues started last year I lost some of the will to fight. Fight for my life, yes. Fight with people about what the right thing is day in and day out… Lost or maybe just too tired and concerned about my health. I hated fighting at work. I could see things going […]


It has, again, been a rough few months with my health. They ended up doing “major surgery” early August to hopefully, finally resolve the issue. Whatever. Every time I wake up I am thankful. When I can eat or actually function I am extra thankful. Anyways I went to a friends house for facial with […]

Saga of the Desk

Saga of the Desk

It shouldn’t be this difficult but well, everything is… So first of all we remodeled our spare bedroom around a year ago to give him his own space. This space included moving his PS3 and big screen TV in there. So then there was a big to do this summer with his computer. We ended […]

What do you support?

I read this post the other day and it said exactly a lot of what I have been thinking about.  It is an excellent post and I couldn’t agree with it more- what makes anyone feel safe?  I know I am not safe so I support safety nets.  (fair warning- some swearing involved with this […]

Originally posted on The Third Glance:
Wow, I’m still reeling from the #AutismPositivity2012 flash blog. What an amazing experience. Monday really was an incredible outpouring of wonderfulness from the Autism blogosphere and beyond. I spent all day yesterday (quite literally) glued to my computer – I did much of the webmaster duties for the flash…