Special Needs Ryan Gosling (with a bonus!)

Special Needs Ryan Gosling (with a bonus!)

Thank you Sunday for continuing this wonderfully fun Special Needs Ryan Gosling! Please go here to link up or see the rest of the posts: My contribution for Ryan Gosling:                   And then my favorite, since Keanu understands that the Matrix has Us. (Hope you enjoyed the […]

We Will Get Through it Together

The morning I realized he wasn’t going to go back to the brick and mortar school I told him we would figure it out and we will get through it together.  I was scared and I knew it would possibly require more work on my part.  I expect there will be bad days and I […]

Weird Day- Day 26 of #NaBloPoMo

I never used to be a morning person but ever since having my son I am up around 6 AM.  Maybe because he used to get up that early, or maybe because that is how I get “me time”.  Today my husband made me breakfast so I got up to eat that, barely, and then […]

Extreme Makeover Asperger’s Edition Update- F@CKING FUTON

Extreme Makeover Asperger’s Edition Update- F@CKING FUTON

Yesterday while my son was playing video games and coming to terms with going out for the day my husband and I decided to go out to lunch. While we were out we were discussing the new room and what was left to be done. I told him I wanted him to scrub the carpet since […]

Worst Advice/Best Advice for “new” Special Needs Mom

At work everyone in my department knows of my son’s diagnoses.  Not that I would have ever kept it a secret but I couldn’t if I had wanted to.  Coming in late and leaving in the middle of the day frequently in the past made it pretty obvious something was going on in my life. […]

The loss of a visionary Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The world has suffered the loss of a true visionary but I dare say the loss was felt strongly in the autism community.  There have been so many posts on facebook about how much iPods and IPads have helped their kids.  It certainly helped my kid. Diary of a Mom reposted a blog post from […]

September 11, 2001

September 11, 2001

Tomorrow I will post about our current adventures but just for today I wanted to remember that day.  It was just all so surreal at the time. I remember that morning pretty well.  I was working in a law firm and first thing that morning one of the lawyers came by and reviewed a case […]

Sickness Sucks

If you follow our blog you know that he stayed home from school Wednesday.  He woke up that morning saying he “needed one more day” and he “just couldn’t do it”.  I struggled with letting him stay home but now I think he was probably starting to feel the effects of the illness that day.  My […]

Tragic Ending

This is such a tragedy. http://www.wvec.com/home/Hampton-police-search-for-missing-autistic-girl-129423753.html How would it feel to notice your child is missing?  And then find out they aren’t ever coming home.  My son is my life, if something happened to him I honestly don’t think I could cope. My heart aches for her family. There have been so many tragic stories […]

Can Someone Define “Normal” (or neurotypical)?

We have just returned from a weekend adventure at Kalahari Waterpark in Sandusky.  We LOVE it there and we go at least twice a year which is good because then our son is nice and familiar with it.  My husband (ADD, but we sometimes wonder about Asperger’s), my son (Asperger’s) and his “neurotypical” friend & I all […]