Series on Bullying

Series on Bullying

Bullying is something very near and dear to my heart.  I was bullied in school and I suffered a lot!  I never wanted my child to go through this but I learned I could not protect him completely.  In having recent conversations over on Neurotypical Mom I decided I really want to write a series of posts on this topic.  Since October is National Bullying Awareness Prevention Month today seemed like the perfect day to start.

I really hope that this series starts some really great discussions here and across the whole online community.

October 1, 2011 Series on Bullying, 1) Anti-bullying campaigns, including It Gets Better- Autism 

October 8, 2011 My Personal Struggles with Bullying

October 15, 2011  An Asperger’s Experience with Bullying

October 22, 2011  Zero-Tolerance Policies on Bullying

October 29, 2011  What We Can Do to Protect Our Kids Against Bullies


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