Parenting is Hard!

Last night was one of those nights. He has been off schedule and off his meds for about a week because the plan failed.  My medical issues got worse (post for another day) and the two of them just well I don’t know.  I do know it could have been worse.  There was just a […]

How a Teenager Spreads Autism Acceptance

My son has suffered from anxiety, depression and bullying in the past. It was so sad that other kids did not accept him. Lately he seems to be less depressed but he honestly doesn’t talk to me as much as before due to teenagitis. Anyways he spends a lot of time playing video games online. […]

Carers- Coping with illness #specialsaturday

I hate getting sick for so many reasons.  I hate not being able to function to full capacity in general but it is even worse when I can’t care for my son. Right now he does generally okay and can care for himself in some ways.  He is able to go get snacks for himself.  […]

How to avoid $2000 bill from iTunes

It is possible that we have spent $2000.00 on iTunes, well maybe not that much, but I had control over every penny. I have seen in the news again where some child has racked up a huge bill for their parents.  That could so happen in my house but I found a way to completely […]

Happy Easter?!?!

My son has been watching waaaayyyy too much you tube lately.  I don’t even know what all he is watching but it has become too much.  He hasn’t been wanting to do school work and I became aggravated by that. I was also aggravated by his sleep schedule and that I was waking up at […]

More Brownies!

My mind has been racing for weeks now.  So much between my son’s school and the vigil, and stresses at work, stress at home, and dear lord stress with other parents. Race, race, race, read email, zig race that way, read something else, zag over that way, race, race, race, race. The other night I […]

Low on Spoons Today

Low on Spoons Today

I feel very drained today. If you have never read the Spoon Theory I highly suggest you read it. It really does describe how it feels sometimes.  I am definitely feeling low on spoons today! I have had a really busy and exhausting week (used lots of spoons!). This week at work I learned that […]

Deserving to Live

I am assuming that you have already read about George Hogdins, the 22 year old autistic who was killed by his mother. Here is the original story that focuses mostly on the mother’s feelings of being overwhelmed with his care. Most of the initial response was focused on the mother. As a mother I get […]

“I am on a Schedule!”

“I am on a Schedule!”

I have other more serious posts rolling around in my head but today I wanted to update everyone on school. I really hope that I do not jinx it! He started online school on January 23rd and overall we have been really happy with that decision. I do not miss getting calls from the school […]

School Tragedy

There are so many good things about homeschooling (or in our case online school).  Yes it is a lot of work but when I think of all the work I used to do when he was in school… I think I may have less to do now. Also it is less stressful in so many […]