Gretchen’s fundraising

I don’t blog enough.  Sometimes the words just won’t come…  Sometimes my brain moves too fast.  Too fast for me to catch the streaming thoughts. There have been lots of thoughts, lots of changes.  I was laid off this week.  But through this I am learning so much.  I know I will be okay.  I […]

Love Hate Puzzle pieces and blue

I hate Autism speaks and everything they stand for.  I get it why the puzzle piece is offensive.  I really do.  The whole blue thing irritates me- I am dreading april.  Your blue lights do nothing for my child.  And cram your cure, scare-tactics agenda up your ass!! But yesterday I was at an event.  […]

#Autism – please listen to adult autistics!

I had a few stories rattling around in my brain working on a potential blog post when I stopped in at pinterest. I love pinterest. If you haven’t checked it out yet you really should.  If you click on the P looking thing all the way up on right hand corner of blog you can […]

Accepting Self & Advocating for Self

Advocating for your own needs is so very important yet also so very hard.  I personally know I want so much to be accepted so then I sacrifice my own needs for the sake of others.  No.  Not anymore. I have even struggled with that in my own house.  My husband changed careers a few […]

No Talkie

This week has been rather straining for me.  At work I am taking classes that are required by all managers and since I was sick I fell behind.  I had been pacing them out about once a month but then lost a few months.  For my law degree I need to have my hours finished […]


I have started to write this post and scrapped it numerous times.  It may not all come out right, my feelings, emotions are still very raw.  I am still in the “recovery” phase. I had written previously that when you are ill and in need of help you find out who your true friends are.  […]

Interesting 24 hours with #Aspies

Interesting 24 hours with #Aspies

The past 24 hours have really been something.  Not bad, not good, but lots of Aspie moments… Monday Night I came home from work and my son was not in his “other room”.  Odd since he went to bed before I left for work so I figured he would be up playing video games.  I […]

Finding Support so Important

I feel like I have lost so much time.  I don’t know how it got to be October already!  I know most of the lost time was in the hospital and then on medications.  Then I just felt like I was in a fog.  I finally feel like I am coming out of that fog.  […]

Balancing act- opinionated, fairness, argumentative

As far back as I can remember I have always been opinionated. I have always had a very strong need for things to be fair, right, and just. I have always had perfect memory of what people say and do. If you say x and then say no you didn’t I will call you on […]

God – Special Interest & What I’ve learned

I really struggled with the title of this one.  I try not to go around telling people my beliefs.  Why – because I was taught in Nursing school it was a taboo topic.  Not God itself- if someone wanted to pray or needed spiritual help, you did it, regardless of your own beliefs.  Had a […]