Okay relatives weren’t that bad….

It’s over & it wasn’t too bad!! Yesterday my husband convinced Sheldon to out to breakfast with us.  There is only one place my son likes to go for breakfast so that is where we went.  Well he doesn’t even eat breakfast but they will serve him chicken strips and french fries at 9 am […]


I have been really struggling lately.  I haven’t been able to write because I have struggled with what to say about it.  The majority of issues are coming from work which is hard for me to write about.  What if my boss found my blog and put 2 and 2 together.  Sigh.  So I will […]

Happy Aniversary & domain change

On July 30, 2011 i started this blog.  I had no clue what I was doing and  there was no one here to read what I wrote anyways.  I nearly cried the first time someone actually read my blog.  To now have over 2000 followers across email, facebook & twitter- wow! I’ve learned a lot […]

(No) Medications Update

This post is long overdue.  In fact I had planned on writing it before all hell broke loose.  But I just hadn’t gotten to it and really now I can provide even more information so I guess it all works out. In the past I had written about his medications and how we decided what […]

Carers- Coping with illness #specialsaturday

I hate getting sick for so many reasons.  I hate not being able to function to full capacity in general but it is even worse when I can’t care for my son. Right now he does generally okay and can care for himself in some ways.  He is able to go get snacks for himself.  […]

This is our Autism

I have been slowly creeping back into the social network and reading other blogs.  Ever so slowly because it takes me a while to recover when things upset me.  That is just how it is.  Some blogs that I follow come to my email, especially the ones I started following pre-twitter 🙂 Anyways almost every […]

Decisions, Decisions

Decision making is sometimes a various tedious task.  I have to make many decisions every day in my personal and professional life.  Not all of these decisions are tedious but some are worse than others.   Two recent examples made me think this might be a good topic.  Because I do wonder how it looks to […]

Happy Easter?!?!

My son has been watching waaaayyyy too much you tube lately.  I don’t even know what all he is watching but it has become too much.  He hasn’t been wanting to do school work and I became aggravated by that. I was also aggravated by his sleep schedule and that I was waking up at […]

Acceptance means Acceptance

Acceptance means Acceptance

Autism Speaks and other groups have advertised April as Autism Awareness month. I think it is great to try to rally people up and try to make sure everyone in the community is aware of autism. Recently Life on The Spectrum went out and poled people to ask them what they know about autism. The […]

I am sorry

I am sorry that I am not the person that you want me to be. I am sorry that I am only funny and talkative for short periods of time. I am sorry that you think I am exclusive, aloof, or stuck up because I don’t ask you to go to lunch. I am sorry […]