Motivation is a really difficult thing.  I am guessing it is even more difficult as an Aspie.  My son used to seem more motivated to do things but now he seems less motivated.  Is that because the world was not always kind to him?  Is it teenagitis?   I know what motivation I had as a […]

Hoarding and calming

Hoarding and calming

We moved in 2004? Seems so long ago when I actually think about it. There was nothing really wrong with the other house- oh wait it was old (had character but money pit) and wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods. We didn’t know how long we would stay in this house but we wanted to […]

Why is my child violent?

My son has always been kind hearted and sweet.  He has always loved animals and has even lectured the neighbor that the moles their dog killed is God’s creature too.  Even as a teenager now he is always concerned about me.  He has an obsession with magnets and has these Ball of Whacks that he […]

What does “Cure” mean to you?

Recently at work we had some disagreements about an issue.  In the end we realized that some of the disagreement was because we were using terms that we thought meant the same thing to everyone in the conversation.  As it turned the two sides of the argument were using a different definition.  Both definitions could […]

(No) Medications Update

This post is long overdue.  In fact I had planned on writing it before all hell broke loose.  But I just hadn’t gotten to it and really now I can provide even more information so I guess it all works out. In the past I had written about his medications and how we decided what […]



Hopefully for good! I can’t believe that I actually blogged while I was in the hospital. Although I do vaguely remember that night. I was so noisy I couldn’t sleep. But I was probably on a lot of drugs and confused in general. This blog post isn’t really the most organized either but wanted to […]

Family Fail

General update:  Sheldon has been off schedule even more than usual lately.  I had started recording when he was sleeping and when he was taking his medications and I realized I was able to get him to take them very often.  We hadn’t had any big incidents and really we have notice the good to […]

Will work for Brownies

The other night I woke up at 4:30 AM and just sensed that he was still awake. Oh yes he was still awake. When I went in to talk to him he refused to take his pills and was upset in general. Earlier that night he had become upset during a Geometry quiz. He had […]

Special Needs Mom Needs Special Person as Friend

I have had many friends come and go in my life. I know it is hard to be my friend. It really takes a special person to be my friend. I can’t speak for other parents because we are all on a different journey.  How our life works is I need to maintain routines with him while […]