Sheldon starts Online School

Sheldon starts Online School

Since I blog anonymously I have always referred to my son as just “my son”. Some bloggers create ingenious alias names for their kids but I never have but I really think it is time. Online school started on Monday and I have so much to tell you but we are still getting into the […]

Emotional Withdrawal

I hate saying goodbye.  It is clearly a social skill that I have never really mastered.  There will probably be many blog posts about our “new adventure” over the next who knows how long but I first need to discuss a very difficult part for me. I apologize for any redundancy I am still working […]

Welcome 2012 and Homeschooling ?!?!

Welcome 2012 and Homeschooling ?!?!

I never thought I would write that as a title.  I guess we will be doing an online academy but will be at home.  Not sure correct term but guess I will be learning ASAP! I have written a lot about school refusal ever since that fateful day of the pep rally. He has never […]

Control of Ourselves

I wrote the other day about how my son does things out of spite. @Celebr8nGenr8n left a comment that made me really start to think. She is an adult Aspie and she also tweets under @porterhouselife which is supposed to be her account about Aspergers. Both accounts worth following and really both have Asperger’s information […]

Doing Things out of Spite

My son was in pretty good spirits over the weekend.  Although we did not have cable or internet we found a way to make the best of it.  We all watched green lantern together and it was really like watching it with Sheldon Cooper.  My son wears a green lantern shirt but from Big Bang […]

Back to School but…

So last night he went to his room and watched YouTube starting at 7:30.  He even said goodnight early.  I could hear YouTube until around 9:30-10 so I know he didn’t go to sleep until later. At some point during the night he woke me up to help him find his cat.  Sure, sure I […]

School Refusal

He refused to go to school again today.   My son has been having issues off and on but has been insistent on staying at the public school.   I had been telling him that he had other options because I never want him to feel stuck there if the issues with other kids is […]

Moving in the Right Direction

On Tuesday when my son stayed home he seemed really depressed so I let him go get the new Call of Duty game that day.  I was really surprised that there were so many kids in that line instead of being in school!  I was hoping that the game would cheer him up and in […]

Co-workers really awesome for Special Needs Mom!

On the bright side, my co-workers are awesome.  He woke up this morning and was agitated about going to school.  I gave him time, I tried to bribe him, I threatened, but no matter what I did he refused to go. He asked me if he could go to work with me.  I asked why […]

Positive Thoughts/Prayers for recovery from sensory overload needed.

Sorry, this may not be the best written post but wanted to update everyone and get some positive thoughts coming our way.  I know others struggle with much worse but for my son this is a really big set back.   He was not ready to go back to school yesterday after what happened on […]