Why is my child violent?

My son has always been kind hearted and sweet.  He has always loved animals and has even lectured the neighbor that the moles their dog killed is God’s creature too.  Even as a teenager now he is always concerned about me.  He has an obsession with magnets and has these Ball of Whacks that he […]

(No) Medications Update

This post is long overdue.  In fact I had planned on writing it before all hell broke loose.  But I just hadn’t gotten to it and really now I can provide even more information so I guess it all works out. In the past I had written about his medications and how we decided what […]

Welcome 2012 and Homeschooling ?!?!

Welcome 2012 and Homeschooling ?!?!

I never thought I would write that as a title.  I guess we will be doing an online academy but will be at home.  Not sure correct term but guess I will be learning ASAP! I have written a lot about school refusal ever since that fateful day of the pep rally. He has never […]

Last 48 hours- I can’t make this stuff up

I guess  when I last left off he had issues at school on Tuesday.  Wednesday he did really well.  I called and spoke to the therapist assigned to the room and we had a very good conversation.  I have only interacted with her once before (the day of the pep rally) but she seems to […]

School Refusal

He refused to go to school again today.   My son has been having issues off and on but has been insistent on staying at the public school.   I had been telling him that he had other options because I never want him to feel stuck there if the issues with other kids is […]

The fog has lifted (I hope)

The fog has lifted (I hope)

I am trying to put it into perspective that every year Thanksgiving gets better since my grandmother died. We have worked really hard to make the Holiday a happy time for my son and for all of us. This year was actually really good and you can read about our Thanksgiving holiday here. He did […]

Moving in the Right Direction

On Tuesday when my son stayed home he seemed really depressed so I let him go get the new Call of Duty game that day.  I was really surprised that there were so many kids in that line instead of being in school!  I was hoping that the game would cheer him up and in […]

Bad Day with Asperger’s

Bad Day with Asperger’s

I usually have a positive outlook on Asperger’s and my son.  I honestly would not change his personality but there are things that make life hard for him.  I have written a lot about the events that occurred a couple of weeks ago and how he needs to get back in to the routine.  Today […]

Medications for Asperger’s, ADHD, Insomnia and Depression/Anxiety

First of all I cannot stress enough that the meds that he takes may not be the right meds for your child and you should always discuss meds, including over the counter vitamins and supplements with a physician. Additionally I personally believe that every person reacts differently to these meds. But since I find myself […]