GED was boring

Okay here is a quick(ish) summary of my son’s schooling.  So we had done some online schooling, home schooling and what is called unschooling.  I had hesitated to write about it before because I feared judgement.  I was basically letting him work on what he wanted to work on.  I knew he was seeking out […]

I thought I was good in Math…

In school I won awards in math.  Somewhere in this house I have an album with all the awards and certificates I won in Math.  I took Honors Calculus, what they call AP Calculus now and received College Credit from my AP score.  I don’t necessarily use algebra or calculus at work but I do […]

Updates- Situation & more

Time for one of those overall update posts I suppose so here we go: “The Situation” I have been dealing with.  I think I have read somewhere that the best way to deal with a bully is to take their power away.  That is really hard to do in a lot of situations.  Sometimes because […]

Engaged learning is key

First of all- I hope all are well in the path of #Sandy.  I had heard bits and pieces about it at work but I received an entire download of information from Sheldon when I came home.  Between his friends on the East Coast and YouTube he was well versed and was very interested in […]


Sometimes I just want to cry.  Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed.  I just feel so exhausted from interactions with people.  Did I do or say the right thing.  Did I affect someone in the wrong way.  Did I snap at someone because I just couldn’t anymore.  I couldn’t remain calm.  I couldn’t handle all […]

Don’t React

Those words “Don’t react” go through my mind as my son is having a bad moment and saying words he may or may not mean.  The words are triggering for me but I can’t react.  If I react he will just become more upset and then we will spiral out of control together.  “Don’t react” […]

Transition Time!

The last few months have been quite a ride for all of us.  My son has really stepped up over the summer while I was sick.  It has been quite amazing to witness.  I can only hope it continues as we make the transitions over the next month. For me I go back to work […]

How an Aspie takes a Geometry Test

There are lots of benefits to online schooling.  One of them is that it can be done any time day or night.  This is great when your child has sleep issues.   This is not so great when the learning coach has a full time job. I had been harassing my son for over a week […]

Low on Spoons Today

Low on Spoons Today

I feel very drained today. If you have never read the Spoon Theory I highly suggest you read it. It really does describe how it feels sometimes.  I am definitely feeling low on spoons today! I have had a really busy and exhausting week (used lots of spoons!). This week at work I learned that […]

“I am on a Schedule!”

“I am on a Schedule!”

I have other more serious posts rolling around in my head but today I wanted to update everyone on school. I really hope that I do not jinx it! He started online school on January 23rd and overall we have been really happy with that decision. I do not miss getting calls from the school […]