Great Day in Aspie Land and a Blog redesign

On Saturday I usually run errands and then on Sunday I usually do laundry and anything else around the house.  It is usually also homework day but he now has it in his head that we can only do homework at 7PM regardless of what day of the week it is.  This hasn’t been an […]

Not so good day in our Aspie Life

I thought about blogging about my feelings about the Glee episode last night but I decided to provide an update on my son.  But please feel free to go to to voice your concerns with how they protrayed Asperger’s.  I may blog about that tomorrow. To begin with I was not having a good […]

Sometimes too tired to fight

How many days of school are left? Forget it, don’t answer I know the number will make me cry. I hated school when I was there so I am not sure why I would think it would be better now. I didn’t fit in and I was bored out of my mind. I never listened […]

Successful Change in School Placement

Successful Change in School Placement

He went to the “ED” unit for 3 of his classes today and went to his regular geometry, band and phys ed classes. He seems a little calmer today and not as worn out or spent at the end of the day.  When we asked he said that today went well.  He also said he liked the […]

Change in School Placement

Today I was so special I got two calls from the school.  The first call was to tell me that he was still refusing to do the @#$!* writing assignment.  On the bright side of this he did not have a meltdown.  He also stayed in school all day.  These are both very big accomplishments […]

The dolphin that refuses to jump

I know it could be worse because I personally have seen worse but this week still sucks. It all started with him being sick last week and weekend. As I stated before this causes a lot of problems with routines and his homework. Today I received emails and a call about his issues at school […]

Back to School Again!

Today was his first day back after being sick for four days – he missed Wednesday, Friday, and Monday.  When he gets sick it throws off his entire routine.  The days that he is sick he usually sleeps in and we try to just leave him alone.  Plus, obviously, he isn’t there for school so he gets […]

Organization for an Aspie follow up

Organization for an Aspie follow up

I am so glad that people found the first post so helpful!  I figured I should post the next step in the process that sometimes occurs unfortunately.   If anyone has any questions please let me know, I had a great conversation with someone about homework on Twitter a couple of days ago.  We are all […]

The War on Homework

Life would be so much better if he never had homework.  He got in the car yesterday and told me he had homework in Geometry, Science and Language Arts.  He has homework in Geometry every day and usually he gets most of it done in class so I figure that one is no big deal. […]

Homework Done!

Homework is usually one of the worst battles in our house.  He is such a bright kid and I never used to understand why the battles were so bad.  He used to throw himself on the floor and completely throw a tantrum.  It has steadily gotten better over the years.  A few years ago we […]