And the Lioness has arrived

My son has been doing an awesome job at high school.  He loves it and he has been doing his school work at school and I am so proud of him!  The other day I had posted about the one bad night when he forgot his geometry assignment.  Well apparently that started a whole thing. […]

The War on Homework

Life would be so much better if he never had homework.  He got in the car yesterday and told me he had homework in Geometry, Science and Language Arts.  He has homework in Geometry every day and usually he gets most of it done in class so I figure that one is no big deal. […]

Organization for an Aspie

Organization for an Aspie

Organization is a must for any kid with Asperger’s and ADHD.  This has been a huge struggle over the years with many missing assignments.  It kills me when I actually win the battle of homework and then it doesn’t get turned in.  He has an IEP but the most helpful thing is to keep him […]

School Starts Tomorrow!!! Who is ready?

I came home from work early to take him up to the school for the last meeting and tour of the school.  I came home in time to give him a 20 minute notice because that seems to work best with him.  He got ready to go and I asked him to put deodorant on. […]

The last 24 hours have gone too well…

So last night he had a great time at the family event so I thought for sure it would derail at the school meeting today.   We met with the case manager at the high school and went on a tour of the school.  I am a little scared of him going to the high […]

Why does it always go wrong with the school?

The wonderful new case manager got back to me about the upcoming school year.  He asked me if I want my son’s classification changed.  Yes that is what we discussed before the school year ended but maybe I didn’t say it correctly since I am still learning all of the correct lingo.  My son is […]

Always Something.. something to do… something to learn…

One of the things I have done since my son was diagnosed was join a support group for Aspie parents.  It is one of the best things I have done since he was diagnosed!  The way this group is set up is they bring in speakers to discuss things related to raising an Aspie child.  […]

New to the diagnosis & New School

I am an avid reader, I love to read and have had various informal book clubs over the years.  However recently when I was informed that the new Janet Evanovich book was out I became a little jealous.  I hear there is a book 15 or maybe 16 that recently came out.  Is that what […]