I was recently speaking with a friend of a mom who has an autistic child. We were discussing how the friend was afraid the mom was getting her child enough help. We discussed how the child was enrolled in a program but was removed because he threw something. The friend was confused because how could […]

Saga of the Desk II

If you are a parent, especially an autism parent you cringe when you hear “I think we need to replace this”. Well honestly my son didn’t use to say those words. We have come far. Sometimes I just heard something go flying or the outburst. But this time he said those words. I have had […]

Twisted Grief

I wanted to write more about how it is exhausting to fight but then something happened that I had to write about… And then I realized it actually is really related… It is homecoming weekend. On my regular Facebook account my newsfeed is full of pictures posted by proud parents. The one that stings is […]

Impossible not to Fight

Impossible not to Fight

When my health issues started last year I lost some of the will to fight. Fight for my life, yes. Fight with people about what the right thing is day in and day out… Lost or maybe just too tired and concerned about my health. I hated fighting at work. I could see things going […]

A glimpse

Earlier this week @thatgirl815 was struggling with issues at the school district. She just needed to vent and discuss with someone that understood. She talked about how as parents we often just need to talk to someone who understands. Someone that will tell us everything will be okay. I went to a college campus today […]


It has, again, been a rough few months with my health. They ended up doing “major surgery” early August to hopefully, finally resolve the issue. Whatever. Every time I wake up I am thankful. When I can eat or actually function I am extra thankful. Anyways I went to a friends house for facial with […]

When he can’t speak

My house has been rather chaotic yet also some wonderful strides have been made. My husband had to do some juggling with work vehicle & his home vehicle. So all weekend a couple weeks ago my husband kept saying about me dropping him off at work to get the work van. Blah blah. We decide […]

Can’t hide from ignorance

GRRRR been hiding & trying to stay away from all the angst & drama of social media.   Been on facebook as my regular self but not in a lot of the discussions or debates about autism.  Been enjoying the break.  But there is really no break from advocating or from ignorance. A friend posted a […]

Photosensitivity? sensory issues? Whatever it is, it sucks.

Grrr I hate going to the eye doctor.  I dread it.  It is painful.  As my eye doctor says it is absolute torture for me. I think the light is the worst part. Or maybe being touched around my eyes. Or maybe not being able to read after. No it is really the light.  It […]

Random events & thoughts including #Kitties

Random events & thoughts including #Kitties

(waves) Hi here I am!! The break from social media was well needed. Every time I peeked, oh boy. I still want to share our stories and I will probably still voice my opinions, because well I am opinionated 🙂 but not sure will be “getting into it” with people or such stuff. It is […]