Control of Ourselves

I wrote the other day about how my son does things out of spite. @Celebr8nGenr8n left a comment that made me really start to think. She is an adult Aspie and she also tweets under @porterhouselife which is supposed to be her account about Aspergers. Both accounts worth following and really both have Asperger’s information […]

Doing Things out of Spite

My son was in pretty good spirits over the weekend.  Although we did not have cable or internet we found a way to make the best of it.  We all watched green lantern together and it was really like watching it with Sheldon Cooper.  My son wears a green lantern shirt but from Big Bang […]

Co-workers really awesome for Special Needs Mom!

On the bright side, my co-workers are awesome.  He woke up this morning and was agitated about going to school.  I gave him time, I tried to bribe him, I threatened, but no matter what I did he refused to go. He asked me if he could go to work with me.  I asked why […]

Zero-Tolerance Policies on Bullying

October is National Bullying prevention month and this is a very important cause to me because of my experience with bullying.  It happens at an alarming rate,  2.7 million children were bullied in the United States in 2010.  Many states have adopted anti-bullying laws to help reduce the rate of bullying and related suicides in […]

Bathing mystery solved

I have posted before that one of our ongoing issues is bathing.  This didn’t use to be such a big issue but he is a teenager now so I just did my best to get him to bathe every couple of days and let it go on the weekend.  I knew I had to deal […]

The tale of multiple psychologists

Everyone may have their own opinion of psychologists but since we just changed psychologists today I thought it would be a good time to talk about the good and bad of the world of psychologists.  My son started going to a psychologist when he was about 6.  He was originally referred by the school to […]

Parenting is so hard

Sometimes it is good to hear that I am not a bad mom.  I cannot imagine what it was like for the mothers that had autistic children during the era of blaming the mom.  But has that really changed?   There are other blogs out there discussing “refrigerator mom” and comparing the now “warrior mother” […]

3AM Conversation with an Aspie

I guess all parents get woken up by their young children but I thought it was supposed to end.  Maybe it doesn’t ever end because he has Asperger’s?  I know he has trouble sleeping but he is on meds for that so really sleeping shouldn’t be an issue.  But it is.  Last night at 3 AM I was […]

Always Something.. something to do… something to learn…

One of the things I have done since my son was diagnosed was join a support group for Aspie parents.  It is one of the best things I have done since he was diagnosed!  The way this group is set up is they bring in speakers to discuss things related to raising an Aspie child.  […]