Photosensitivity? sensory issues? Whatever it is, it sucks.

Grrr I hate going to the eye doctor.  I dread it.  It is painful.  As my eye doctor says it is absolute torture for me. I think the light is the worst part. Or maybe being touched around my eyes. Or maybe not being able to read after. No it is really the light.  It […]

Accepting Self & Advocating for Self

Advocating for your own needs is so very important yet also so very hard.  I personally know I want so much to be accepted so then I sacrifice my own needs for the sake of others.  No.  Not anymore. I have even struggled with that in my own house.  My husband changed careers a few […]

Hoarding and calming

Hoarding and calming

We moved in 2004? Seems so long ago when I actually think about it. There was nothing really wrong with the other house- oh wait it was old (had character but money pit) and wasn’t in the best of neighborhoods. We didn’t know how long we would stay in this house but we wanted to […]

Okay relatives weren’t that bad….

It’s over & it wasn’t too bad!! Yesterday my husband convinced Sheldon to out to breakfast with us.  There is only one place my son likes to go for breakfast so that is where we went.  Well he doesn’t even eat breakfast but they will serve him chicken strips and french fries at 9 am […]

Interesting 24 hours with #Aspies

Interesting 24 hours with #Aspies

The past 24 hours have really been something.  Not bad, not good, but lots of Aspie moments… Monday Night I came home from work and my son was not in his “other room”.  Odd since he went to bed before I left for work so I figured he would be up playing video games.  I […]

Going to a formal event

Part of me wants to run screaming! Part of me is curious and almost excited to get dressed up and pretend for a few hours. Part of me wonders how I ended up agreeing to go…. ah yes lots of reasons. First of all it is an annual fundraising event and I have known about […]

I am sorry

I am sorry that I am not the person that you want me to be. I am sorry that I am only funny and talkative for short periods of time. I am sorry that you think I am exclusive, aloof, or stuck up because I don’t ask you to go to lunch. I am sorry […]

Beanie Ballz for Sensory

Beanie Ballz for Sensory

I have some other more serious posts in the que but I need to have a fun one thrown in there every once in a while! So yesterday I stumbled upon yet another conversation on twitter about a parent saying “I hate autism”. I can’t go there in this post but here is a great […]

Thank you Chuck Lorre

Big Bang Theory is one of our favorite shows because we all relate so well to all of the characters.  My son especially relates to Sheldon in so many ways.  My son is brilliant but struggles with interactions with others.  Like Sheldon he needs to be told what social conventions are.  Sheldon makes him feel […]

VIsiting Jill Smo!

Hi (waves)!  I am over visiting Jill Smo today over at Yeah Good Times.  If you have never seen her blog before now is a good time to explore it since it is pretty awesome.  She is super funny (now I picture jazz hands when my name is said LOL- follow link to get the […]