Happy Aniversary & domain change

On July 30, 2011 i started this blog.  I had no clue what I was doing and  there was no one here to read what I wrote anyways.  I nearly cried the first time someone actually read my blog.  To now have over 2000 followers across email, facebook & twitter- wow! I’ve learned a lot […]

Wordless Wednesday (sort of) Tripp Roth

Thank you everyone for all of your support this week.  I will update further later in week when all accomodations worked out with school.  He did return today and I am very hopeful he is back to his normal and over the hump.  🙂 On facebook yesterday Caylyn’s Journey with Puzzle Pieces shared information about […]

Special Needs Mom Needs Special Person as Friend

I have had many friends come and go in my life. I know it is hard to be my friend. It really takes a special person to be my friend. I can’t speak for other parents because we are all on a different journey.  How our life works is I need to maintain routines with him while […]