Medications for Special Needs Mom

If you have read my blog before then you know that on Friday I went to the emergency room with vision changes related to a migraine.  It was very scary and I don’t want any more migraines.   However I knew I was not having enough migraines to warrant taking a medication for migraines.  For starters I hate medication.  The only medication I take is Melatonin for sleep and I only started taking that during a week that he was at an overnight camp. And I continued to take it because I continued having difficulty sleeping.  My body is clearly trying to send me a message and it was time to address the real issue.

Like any mom of a special needs child I am under a lot of stress.  Like others this is not my only stress.  A lot of people in my personal life comment about how I have been through so much in my life and they are amazed how I keep it together.  Ironically they usually tell me this when I am upset or crying and not really keeping it together.  Lately I have been not keeping it together more often and I have been feeling worn down.  This has really been a problem for about a year or so.

I feel the need to stop and explain that in the spring I had some physical problems as well related to um, female issues.  I don’t intend to go into too much detail but if this is already too much feel free to skip to the next paragraph.   In the spring I went for various tests including blood work and a complete work up with the OB/GYN.  The only thing that was found was a hormonal imbalance and due to the symptoms I was having I had an endometrial ablation over the summer.  If anyone wants more info on that I am happy to share but I figure most people don’t read my blog to read about my female parts so I am gonna stop there!

I know some of my stress is related to issues at work that I can not control.  My options are to stay at my job and pull it together or leave.  I have been trying to work through the issues but that has not worked out as well I had hoped.  My long term goal is to leave but that does not happen over night.  But in a lot of ways I don’t believe my job is causing all of the issues.  I think it may just be the easy target.

I could blame other stressors in my life.  My son is an obvious one although he has actually been doing much better and continues to improve.  And the school this year has been a dream come true.  So that can’t be causing my current feeling of overwhelmed and just blah in general.  I don’t know maybe him doing better is why I finally decided it was okay to take care of myself.

When I went to the doctors yesterday for follow up on the migraine and we discussed the options.  She agreed that the medications for migraines have a lot of side effects and she would not prescribe to me yet. We discussed how stress is really the cause and about how we needed to block out the stress.  We discussed various ways I could do this.  There are not a lot of options for changing my life right at the moment so the stressors are not going away.  I have tried other stress management techniques and it just isn’t working.  I have tried relaxation techniques and exercise but it is hard because I just don’t feel motivated.  I have talked to therapists in the past and still do related to raising my son.  I also belong to support groups in real life and here online where I can talk about our struggles.  Although talking about the issues helps my body is clearly telling me that it is not enough.

With my son I could step back and say the medications will decrease his anxiety and depression enough so that he can work on everything he needs to work on.  I felt he was overwhelmed by his feelings without the medications and he agreed with the need for medications.   Why couldn’t I see the same situation in me?

I think it is hard to admit that I need help.  But it is long overdue.  So tonight I start taking Zoloft. It was a tough decision but I really felt that it was time to try.  I don’t expect a miracle but I do think it will help my current perspective on life.


  1. Once again our lives are parallel. I would probably snap someone’s head off if I did not take Lexapro. I was constantly on edge and just about ready to run away from home. I have mixed emotions about needing to take something…but I think it’s why I’m the only one in this house that can keep the peace instead of adding to the havoc. I hope it works out for you.

  2. I take celexa and it works great for me.
    Nice to meet you! Glad you joined mBS!
    Left you an alexa review and liked your FB page.

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