Sorry for the long pause…. It has been a crazy year!! But so many good things have come out of it!! So he turns 18 in about 6 months (he of course corrects me & tells me the exact timeframe- LOL) but anyways it was time to take care of some things. We had to […]

Finally Found Me

Finally Found Me

You know that feeling- where you don’t belong.  “This isn’t right”  I have written about it a ton here.  I have always had issues at work.  No matter what I did.  Just not right.  So I was laid off in April.  I can’t get into details about that here but what I can say is […]


I was fired. Really – he told me I wasn’t qualified. He requested a private tutor so I found one. Sheldon then informed me he needed to start High School over. He was to be a Senior this year but was pulled out of the brick and mortar school in 9th grade. He didn’t believe […]

Gretchen’s fundraising

I don’t blog enough.  Sometimes the words just won’t come…  Sometimes my brain moves too fast.  Too fast for me to catch the streaming thoughts. There have been lots of thoughts, lots of changes.  I was laid off this week.  But through this I am learning so much.  I know I will be okay.  I […]

Love Hate Puzzle pieces and blue

I hate Autism speaks and everything they stand for.  I get it why the puzzle piece is offensive.  I really do.  The whole blue thing irritates me- I am dreading april.  Your blue lights do nothing for my child.  And cram your cure, scare-tactics agenda up your ass!! But yesterday I was at an event.  […]

It is not okay

It is not okay

I started to write a post on my Facebook page – personal page, as me. I could feel myself getting angry. I want to scream “WHY DON’T YOU GET IT?” This time it is about – why in the hell do you think A&Es sanctions again Phil are a violation of freedom of speech?? It […]


I was recently speaking with a friend of a mom who has an autistic child. We were discussing how the friend was afraid the mom was getting her child enough help. We discussed how the child was enrolled in a program but was removed because he threw something. The friend was confused because how could […]


I am so aggravated at the moment.  I just can’t stand being in situations where I have no control.  I see wrong things occurring and I can’t do anything about it.  When I do what I think is right it just backfires.  I just can’t win.  I can’t say much more.  In situations like this, […]

Saga of the Desk II

If you are a parent, especially an autism parent you cringe when you hear “I think we need to replace this”. Well honestly my son didn’t use to say those words. We have come far. Sometimes I just heard something go flying or the outburst. But this time he said those words. I have had […]

Twisted Grief

I wanted to write more about how it is exhausting to fight but then something happened that I had to write about… And then I realized it actually is really related… It is homecoming weekend. On my regular Facebook account my newsfeed is full of pictures posted by proud parents. The one that stings is […]


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