The Roof is Leaking! Or not…

We live in a split level house and the main floor has a sitting area, kitchen and dining room and is an open floor plan with cathedral ceilings.  Really isn’t that big of an area but the ceilings are over 10 feet high at the peek.  I am only sharing these details as they are important in the following story.

My husband and I were sitting in the sitting area and he looked above his head and said “Oh sh!t the ceiling is leaking.”

I look up at the highest point in the ceiling which is between the dining room and sitting area and see a weird looking over colored ring.  It did not look like water damage to me but clearly I am not an expert.

By this time my husband is up and running outside to look at the roof.

I am still looking and I swear it is not water damage. It looks similar to water damage but something is just off about it.

He comes in and I tell him I don’t think it is water.  I said “actually I think that it is dirt or something and you are just a poor housekeeper”.

He looks up again and says “the ceiling is cracked”

It was a really weird crack looking area, maybe?  Finally I tell him he just needed to get up there and look at it closer.

He goes and gets a ladder so he can get up there an investigate.  He says “I don’t know what it is, you are right it isn’t from water.”  And then he wipes some of it off.   HAHA

I go and get him a wet washcloth so he can now clean whatever it is.  It all comes off and he says to me that he is pretty sure it is chocolate sauce.  Of course it is, our son had a whole thing with chocolate sauce over the summer.

It started when he had his tonsils out and was eating lots of ice cream.  But it can be really messy if not careful.  I once had to scrub down the walls in his room because he had knocked over (or thrown) a bottle and it went everywhere.

My husband gets down and puts away the ladder and we rejoice that we don’t have to repair the roof!  And we laugh about how only in our house (okay well maybe lots of houses similar to ours) would there be chocolate sauce on the ceiling.

About this time our son wanders downstairs from his room.  I tell him he just missed all of the excitement and explain that his dad just cleaned chocolate sauce off of the ceiling.  My son looks at me like I have absolutely lost my mind and asks me why there was chocolate sauce on the ceiling.  I inform him that we didn’t put it up there and obviously he did at some point.  He denied having anything to do with it and blamed the cat.

So no more chocolate sundaes for the cat!!



  1. hahaha…I totally get it!…my wall has not been free from chocolate milk spots…my two sons just love splashing their chocolate milk around 😦

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