What I need to hear #SNryangosling

What I need to hear #SNryangosling

Sunday over at Adventures in Extreme Parenthood came up with these awesome Ryan Gosling posters about special needs.  Honestly there are many other hot actors out there but apparently Ryan Gosling was who somebody started these posters with.  Please go see the originals and explanation on Sunday’s blog here.

These are super awesome and I had originally written a couple about Ryan doing all of the schoolwork because that is my fantasy 🙂  But this week I have had a lot on my mind and instead this is what I needed to hear from Ryan.

I encourage you to go read the other ones as a lot of them are really funny.  With maybe a snarky stab at the school or whoever has wronged you.  In this instance I didn’t feel it was appropriate.  I hope you will stop back next week, I promise to be funny.  But this week has not been a funny week for me.  And that is part of Asperger’s I now know.  I can’t let go of emotions so easily but maybe this poster is just what I need to let some of it go.

I hope some of you will also link up this week and in the weeks to come.  Make them fun though because I could use a good laugh!!


  1. extremeparenthood says:

    Ryan is absolutely right! Autism IS unique and beautiful!

    I am so glad you joined in on the #SNryangosling fun!

  2. Those are some beautiful words.
    Thank you, Ryan 😉

  3. Ryan is so sensitive!

  4. Beauty AND Brains. He really is the perfect man.

  5. We all need to hear that 🙂
    Thank you!

  6. Awesome! beautiful and unique, baby!!

  7. Fantastic words! LOVE it!

  8. Aww, I love it. So true.

  9. I love this! And I agree. There are words that are totally destructive and they should be abolished. And autism is beautiful!

  10. Aw, that Ryan really is a sweetheart. 😉

  11. I had seen this before, maybe on twitter, maybe somewhere else and I remember sharing it thinking it was the best #SNRyanGosling yet. That boy speaks the truth pure and simple!! It’s good to know who the creator was. 🙂


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