An Aspie Moment

My son has a very passionate interest in video games.  Some may say this is a bad interest but there are some good things about it.  One of the good things is that it is considered appropriate by his peers so it has been one way that he has been able to make and maintain friendships.  The other good thing about it is that it helps him work on his ability to deal with frustrations.  The games are very important to him and he will get frustrated when he can’t beat a boss or something.  We have watched him get better with dealing with those frustrations at home as well as getting better with dealing with frustrations at school.  We can teach him scripts all we want but it is what happens in the real situation that matters.

Currently he is playing a PC game called Minecraft a lot.  It does not involve as much interaction with his friends but he really enjoys the game and he seems calmer in general so that is a good thing.  Always a pro and a con with anything I suppose.  Anyways he decided he wanted to modify the game because of somethings he saw on you tube.  You Tube has become an obsession with him, he likes to watch people play video games on there.  This is apparently very popular on YouTube.  Modifying the game seems complicated to me, he says it is easy.  I tried to help him the one night with a modification and I was LOST!  I consider myself pretty intelligent but I couldn’t modify this game to save my life. He was trying to follow along with what he was supposed to do but he became frustrated when it wasn’t working the first few times he tried to modify the game.

I tried to redirect him but he wasn’t following.  Sigh, we thought for sure the laptop was going to go flying. He has had some bad meltdowns in the past and now at 6 foot, 200 pounds it is a bit difficult to restrain him.  Overall I was very proud of his behavior this evening.  He became aggravated but he worked through it and worked through what was wrong with the modification and he was able to complete it.  Unfortunately he completed it at 2 AM and came and told me.  Silly me, I was sleeping.  I told him that was wonderful but go to bed!

I call this an “Aspie moment” because only an Aspie would work diligently until 2 AM to finish the computer modification & then wake up someone to tell them.  So I took this opportunity to explain to him the next day that waking someone up at 2AM is not socially acceptable.

See, we even got a social skills lesson in!!


  1. Aww, that’s really great, I’m glad he was able to work through things for himself. I’ve been guilty of doing such things (working diligently on my interests until 2am and then waking someone up to tell them…) I’m now really lucky in that I have friends and colleagues scattered around the globe, and usually at least one of them is on google chat (my preferred medium of communication) so I can tell someone about it in real time. Otherwise I usually end up making a facebook status or google chat status that ends with lots of exclamation points.

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