He may not be perfect but he is awesome

My house is really a chaotic trip sometimes.  First we went out to dinner last night after the doctors appointment.  My husband tried to figure out the tip but he was of course way off.  I told him the calculation for 20% which was $10.  He said no he wanted to pay 15% which was $13.  No sorry your math sucks.  So B.R. did the math for 15% which was $8 which I agreed with since B.R. is exceptionally bright in math.  Then walking out of the restaurant he kept babbling about calculations.  Not really sure what he was saying I have learned to tune him out over the years because doing calculations non stop out loud has been going on for quite a while now.  It was crazy the kid taught himself to add when he was 4.  No joke, someone asked him how old he was he said I am four and held up four fingers and then exclaimed but soon I am going to be five and then held up the other hand with five fingers.  He looks at his hands and exclaims “Hey 4 plus 5 equals 9.”  The adult that had asked his age looked at me wide eyed.  Yeah lady I am just as shocked as you.  Then of course he added all day, every day. Then one day I held up 10 fingers and took away 5, then subtracting began.  It was like mini-rainman.  So I put him in kindergarten that year even though he couldn’t follow directions in preschool.  I thought he was just bored, ha ha ha silly me.  Although I am sure boredom contributes to his issues.

Since my husband was off last night I suggested they sleep outside in the tent.  It is great bonding time for them and I can actually sleep through the night for a change.  Well we all know that is not what happens!  My husband set up the tent and helped B.R. get all of his stuff ready for bed.  They went out around 10 PM.  According to my husband B.R. kept touching everything (he has lots of sensory issues) and my husband specifically told him not to touch the fan because then it would make noise.  Of course he had to touch the fan so then it started to make noise.  My son told him he couldn’t sleep because of the fan and said he was sorry because his dad told him not to touch it but he did it anyway.  Eventually my husband falls asleep.  Then my husband wakes up and B.R. is intently watching the lightning outside and starts talking about how cool the lightning is.  Then B.R. starts timing the thunder to the lightening and announcing how far away the storm is.  My husband says that is great but really can we go to sleep.  My son says he isn’t tired and then announces he isn’t tired because he forgot to take his pills.  So in the house they come.  It is now 12:30, I know this because I looked at the clock when they woke me up.  My husband and I start to compare notes.  You know the notes of why each of us thought the other one gave him his pills.  I usually double check but for some reason last night I got distracted and just thought since he was getting him ready for bed he would give him his pills.  This is why we have a pill case so we always know whether or not he actually took the pills.  We also try to get him used to recognizing when it is time to take the pills and what pills to take.  You know in case some day he actually moves out and is independent. But we don’t really expect him to remember but God bless him he walked by our room while we were comparing notes and announces “And I forgot to take my pills as always, so it was all our faults but oh well I took them now, Good night!”

Wonder what entertainment he will provide in the next 24 hours…

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