Whatever Wednesday – Pumpkin obsession

If you clicked on the title hoping it was about an Aspie obsession I am sorry to disappoint you but it is actually about my obsession.  I am trying a grand experiment, okay maybe it isn’t grand, but it is an experiment.   On Wednesdays I am going to blog about Whatever!  It may sometimes mention my son or Asperger’s since he is such a large part of my life but mostly it will be musings about something else in life.  Whatever I want to talk about, maybe a TV show, or food, or an observation about life.  Maybe some day I will start a separate blog for such musings but for now know if you don’t want to read about whatever I guess stop by again on Thursday.

Everyone that knows me knows that I have an obsession for pumpkin flavored food.  I love all kinds, I do not discriminate, no matter how many calories.  So Autumn is my favorite time of year because that is when I can find all kinds of great pumpkin stuff.  There are pumpkin rolls, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin granola bars, pumpkin pie, pumpkin squares, and my all time favorite, pumpkin coffee.

I literally squealed when I got the email from Starbucks saying pumpkin spice lattes were coming back.  The poor barista’s at work have to put up with me whining until they get their supply from Starbucks.  The best thing is my coworkers bring me pumpkin flavored food.  The only item I didn’t like was pumpkin flavored beer but I don’t really like beer.  Ooo I wonder if there is pumpkin flavored wine??

My Husband has not shared in this obsession and always said that it was gross.  My grandmother was a wonderful cook and he loved her apple pie but he refused to go anywhere near her pumpkin pie.  That was fine by me it meant more for me.  But unfortunately it also meant I didn’t bother to buy certain items like pumpkin rolls because it would just go to waste.  I mean, I am sure I could eat it all but I would be sick and big as a house afterwards.

The other day someone gave him pumpkin spiced cookies for doing something related to a bike.  Don’t ask me what because I tune him out as soon as he says “bike”.  We were both starving for an evening snack so he actually ate one.  Guess what he said??

“Oh My God these are the best cookies I have ever eaten”

Seriously?   “I have been telling you for years to try pumpkin”

He says “Wait this is what all that stuff tastes like?”

Me “Um, yeah.”

The next day we enjoyed pumpkin spice lattes and a pumpkin roll together.  That is what great marriages are made of, wonderful, glorious food.


  1. Thanks for making me hungry!!! Sometimes I think my husband purposefully doesn’t like things just because I’m obsessed with it. Happy
    Autumn! I hope you’re in a state that gets cold enough to enjoy your hot pumpkin coffee!

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