Rollercoaster Today in Aspie Life

Some days are harder than others.  I will apologize now for any grammar or spelling errors but when you read further about my day hopefully you will forgive me.  The day starts with him walking down the stairs in his “toga” at around 7:05 AM.  This is not part of his morning routine which I just recently (oddly enough) posted  When he doesn’t follow his routines it really throws me off.  I asked if he needed anything and he said no and went and sat on the coach.  I went to get his clothes because I wasn’t really sure what else to do.  He then started playing with his cat and started getting ready for school.

He asked me if I had made it to the bookstore last night to get the next book in the series he is reading.  “No sorry, I didn’t make it.”  He asked if the other book was still in his bookbag so he could go to the library at school to check for the next book.  I made sure it was in there but then I had to inquire if he had ever been to the library at the high school and if he knew where it was or needed help.  He said he knew where it was but he didn’t have an ID.  He then told me he couldn’t get an ID because he lost his assignment notebook.  I had noticed but he didn’t seem to use it but crap now it is an issue.  I say okay how much money to buy a new one.  “No, I don’t want a new one because I don’t need it”  Okay “but you need it to get your ID so you can get your book”  “No, I can get my book without it”  I am starting to get confused and he is starting to get aggravated so I drop it.

At 7:25 he asked to leave “so I won’t be late”.  Okay, great he is taking some responsibility.  I then text the case manager about the ID, library and assignment notebook.  He texts back “That doesn’t make sense”.  I am sorry Mr. Case Manager, have you met autism yet?  I text back that I think this may be an instance when he may not have heard something correctly, not processed it correctly, or connected it incorrectly.  I had tried to explain this related to an assignment recently but since it was related to an assignment they just thought he was avoiding the assignment.  So in some ways I was glad it happened with something that wasn’t an assignment.  Although he was probably “blocked” related to the assignment notebook.  Once whoever said that word, he may have stopped listening.

I received a text around 9:30 from case manager that he was in a good mood.  Around 10:30 I started having vision problems at work.  I have a history of retinal issues and am high risk for retinal detachment.  I check and the issue is in both eyes, and I think great not a retinal issue but great a brain issue.  It was this weird prism in my eyesight and made it difficult to read although I kept trying since I had a lot of deadlines at work.  I go to my meeting at 11 and luckily it is with a co-worker I have become friends with and my assistant, although I hate calling her that since she is so much more than that.  So I tell them my issue because if it is a brain issue and I pass out I want them to know what symptoms I was having but I assure them I think it is a migraine.  I was at least able to google it even with my vision problems.  In the meeting I start to lose peripheral vision which scares the crap out of me and buys me a walk across the street to the ER.

While I am in the ER waiting to go for my CT scan the school calls.  Seriously?  And it isn’t the case manager because he would call or text from his cell.  It is the nurse who tells me he is fine but upset and asks if I would like to talk to him.   I say sure but he is one of case manager’s kids and where is he?  The nurse explains he got upset in band and he was brought to the clinic because it was a quiet place for him to pull himself together and he didn’t want the case manager.  My son gets on the phone with me and he is sobbing and saying he hates his band teacher.  I try to sound sympathetic while I am in the ER still having vision problems and now the headache is there but I am now really glad that I refused any meds.  I just wanted to soothe him at the moment and commented he didn’t have to go back to band and he actually said he would go back to band but right now he just wanted to come home.  I say sure because I was in no position to argue.  I then text husband and case manager to let them both know what is up and of course my husband has to go get my son.

About an hour later my husband calls to tell me that he is staying at school.  Apparently the case manager intervened because he always wants him to stay in school which is fine by me.  My husband is then aggravated with me for not talking to case manager first.  He then tells me that apparently in band each grade played a piece of music and they were all laughing at each other so he refused to play but the whole thing upset him.  I am not sure on all of the details between him getting upset and ending up in the clinic but it was the clinic and not the principal’s office so it must have been somewhat okay.

Eventually my vision and headache get better and the CT scan comes back negative but I really feel like crap.  So yep probably a migraine and now have to follow up with the doctor.  My son finished the day at school and he even went to Geometry in the regular class.  Somehow in all of this he also went to the library and got his book but maybe that caused a sensory or anxiety issue.  I don’t know he seems to be doing okay but now the PS3 won’t connect to the internet.  I guess I should probably try to go fix that now.  I am supposed to be resting but I clearly don’t listen.


  1. Add a about a 100 F.U.bitchs’, 10 or so shot “birds” and possibly “I hope you die” and “I would like to stab you in the heart ” from son (in front of small children) and you have my days.

    • Leigh,
      Thank you for sharing. I am very sorry that is what your day is like. My son used to say very awful things to me and about what he wanted to do to himself. A change in medication and working with a therapist really helped him with working through some of that. I hope that you are able to get appropriate help for you and your son.

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