I was recently speaking with a friend of a mom who has an autistic child. We were discussing how the friend was afraid the mom was getting her child enough help. We discussed how the child was enrolled in a program but was removed because he threw something. The friend was confused because how could […]



Motivation is a really difficult thing.  I am guessing it is even more difficult as an Aspie.  My son used to seem more motivated to do things but now he seems less motivated.  Is that because the world was not always kind to him?  Is it teenagitis?   I know what motivation I had as a […]

Why is my child violent?

My son has always been kind hearted and sweet.  He has always loved animals and has even lectured the neighbor that the moles their dog killed is God’s creature too.  Even as a teenager now he is always concerned about me.  He has an obsession with magnets and has these Ball of Whacks that he […]

Misconceptions #specialsaturday

Special Saturday is a great event where a question or theme is suggested and then everyone can tweet or post their thoughts related to this theme. They are here on facebook if you would like to read some of the other posts. On twitter#specialsaturday. I generally participate on twitter and I like to read what […]


I know that my family means well and I enjoy when they visit but sometimes it causes stress. My child lives by routines and he gets upset when they get disrupted.  Sometimes I don’t even anticipate what changes in routine will cause him stress.  Please try to go with the flow regarding what routines he […]

Control of Ourselves

I wrote the other day about how my son does things out of spite. @Celebr8nGenr8n left a comment that made me really start to think. She is an adult Aspie and she also tweets under @porterhouselife which is supposed to be her account about Aspergers. Both accounts worth following and really both have Asperger’s information […]

Doing Things out of Spite

My son was in pretty good spirits over the weekend.  Although we did not have cable or internet we found a way to make the best of it.  We all watched green lantern together and it was really like watching it with Sheldon Cooper.  My son wears a green lantern shirt but from Big Bang […]

The fog has lifted (I hope)

The fog has lifted (I hope)

I am trying to put it into perspective that every year Thanksgiving gets better since my grandmother died. We have worked really hard to make the Holiday a happy time for my son and for all of us. This year was actually really good and you can read about our Thanksgiving holiday here. He did […]

We have some Progress!!

Wow I am kinda scared to say this.  We have made some real progress this week. 1) He has been showering.  He was refusing to shower and we would have to convince him to take a bath and then he wanted me to wash his hair.  He has now showered every other day without much […]

Nesquik is Delicious and Nutritious

Nesquik is Delicious and Nutritious

This is not a joke! There are certainly foods that are more nutritious but sometimes we have to take what we can get. He finally went back to private clarinet lessons over the weekend and it went well. We had not been there for a while because we could not work out our schedules while […]